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NGIT has been established in 2017 under the leadership of businessman Alpay SEFEROĞLU with a team who has extensive experience in the field of medical devices and in particular urology device technologies. NGIT is the first company to develop, to manufacture and to conduct the clinical tests of “Stereotactic Double Access Endoscope” in the field of urology. The initial system which is a “percutaneous nephrolithotomy product with two access points” has been branded as “BILO” for commercial use. In 2016 its patent application has been made with the application number PT 2016/15882. BILO which is a product of Turkish intellect, has been engineered and designed with the help of local resources in Turkey. A multi-disciplinary perspective together with our 20 years of clinical expertise have been utilized while building BILO (Stereotactic Double Access Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Apparatus). BILO offers great advantages to the patient and to the surgeon.


Our mission is to be a leader company in research and development in Turkey and to invent new medical products. Our aim is to profit from our products and invest our earnings for further sustainable projects.

What Is BILO

BILO is the abbreviation for “Bilateral Lithotripsy Operator” depicting two spherical arms revolving around the same spherical center, surgeon can send the surgical probe from one arm and send the fiberoptic camera from the other, to the exact point where the probe is to monitor and to handle the surgery. Both arms convey instrument channels which can be replaced with varying sizes of instrument channels, and can be fixed at the intended position. Regarding the current PNL, and macro-micro invasive PNL, their aim is to conduct surgeries with smaller incision points, and less invasive percutaneous lithotripsy operations. The system can simultaneously converge the fiberoptic camera and the lithotripsy probe at the same focal point with unprecedented accuracy. Thanks to its special design, BILO can approach the patient both at “prone” and “supin” positions. As it is well known, stereotactic systems are firstly designed to be used in neurology surgeries. BILO is the first stereotactic system designed to be used in urology operations. Different than neurological stereotactic frames, it can approach flat surfaces to send probes in. The system is user friendly. It can be set up and demounted very easily and occupies very little space in the operating room.


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